This website is a platform for the Government Schools in Karnataka to showcase the excellent work happening in their schools. This platform enables the schools to share/learn best practices with/from other schools. In addition, the front end of this site which is a mobile app enables schools to upload routine information like inputs received by the school, their utilization and the learning levels of the students. Based on this data, policy and program decisions can be taken by the appropriate authorities to improve the Quality of the Education delivered by the Schools.
Myshaala provides the government stakeholders with analytics and tools, while integrating them with the government processes to ensure successful implementation at scale. To monitor State education programs effectively, fine grained data collection is essential. In order for this fine grained data to be collected without placing undue burden on the teachers, myshaala provides a semi-automated solution with a combination of mobile app and bulk scanning. It also provides a customized dashboard of key metrics based on the data collected; that gives the stakeholders an overall progress report and also allows drill-down to pinpoint and respond to issues during the implementation.